America’s Sheriff Mark Lamb Stands Up To Vaccine Mandate

‘America’s Sheriff’ Sheriff Mark Lamb of Pinal County, Arizona has drawn the ire of Democrats all over the state for his principled stand on the COVID19 vaccine mandate. In August of 2021 in a viral announcement on Fox & Friends, the Arizona lawman gave a stern message against vaccination mandates calling the coercion the result of “weak leadership”, not an attempt to protect the rights of employees. He took the stand that, unlike so many other agencies, the Pinal County Sheriff’s Department under his command will NOT be forcing officers or civilian staff to accept the COVID19 mRNA treatment or inactivated vaccine. At Turning Point USA’s AmericaFest 2021 the Sheriff spoke with The GOP Times’ Matt Holloway.

Sheriff Lamb told Matt,

“To me it was a common sense thing. I don’t know where we’ve gotten in this country to where we’re now saying that the government will tell you what you should do medically. What’s next they can tell you… you can’t eat at fast food restaurants? You know? That’s what I try to tell people it’s like… it’s not that I’m … although I am becoming more and more anti-vaccine as this goes along because of how hard they’re pushing. it’s not FDA approved. There’s a lot of things that personally I don’t agree with that. But i support your right to choose between getting vaccinated or not. And I don’t think it’s the government’s place to mandate it. Which has always been my stance all along and i give my employees the freedom to choose what they want to do and i don’t ask them and i don’t make it about the agency. And so to me that’s a common sense. That’s a that’s a fundamental God-given right to choose and it’s a constitutional right to live your life the way you want and so that’s why i stood against it.”

He continued, “I mean because if you’re trying to do the medically what are they going to tell you to do medically next?”  Which led to the Second Amendment with Holloway noting: “If you’re trying to impose vaccine mandates on the whole country and people are going to resist against that the next logical step is to disarm them.”

Second Amendment Infringement With A Vaccine Mandate? “Don’t Give An Inch” Lamb Says

Sheriff Lamb jumped on the pivot to the Second Amendment immediately, and it should bolster Arizonans to know that many in Arizona Law Enforcement share his view.

“That’s right so well don’t give an inch on your second amendment that’s the other thing i tell people do not give an inch. I hear Republicans saying things like well maybe you don’t need 30 round magazines to stop do not give an inch in the second amendment you will never get that stuff out.”

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